Frequently Asked Questions:

What is blog-o-rama?

blog-o-rama is an annual charity event. For more info, please read About page.

What happens if I do not have a blog?

If you want to participate in blog-o-rama but do not currently have a blog, signing up is easy. There are free blogs at Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Tumblr, and I am sure I am leaving others out.

Note: In order to participate, your blog needs to be public, i.e. everyone can read it, for the duration of the event.

Why does my blog need to be public for the event?

The simple answer is, so I, as well as everyone else, know you are actually blogging during the event.

Why do I have to provide a name, URL of my blog and charity info?

Mainly so I know how many people are participating. I ask for either your name (can be just a first name) or a username because I create a list of all participants under the Blogroll on the sidebar. Your name/username becomes a link to your public event blog; why I need the URL. I need to know what charity/cause you are blogging for and a URL to their webpage so I can make sure they are legitimate.

What is a legitimate charity?

In the USA the charity must be a 501(c) organization, but charities can be worldwide. If you choose a charity not based in the USA, that is perfectly fine, but please make sure the charity has info somewhere on their website that I can see it is legitimate. I do check.

Why does a charity need to be legitimate?

I do not want people to sign up and raise money solely for their own private spending. This type of action goes against the fundamental belief of helping others.

How do I get donations?

Ask, ask, ask. You can email, post on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks if you belong to them. You can call your friends and family. You can make flyers for your place of work to post, if your employer allows you to. Get creative! Make a T-shirt or button or paint your car (washable paint?).

I do I keep track of my Donations?

Here is what I have always done on my event blog:

  1. I create a list in a sidebar (if your blog has this feature), even if just text based.
  2. If your blog cannot have a sidebar, then for each sponsor create a post and keep a running total in each new post. Maybe you will want to tag sponsor posts to find them easier.
  3. When I received confirmation from a sponsor, usually by email, I tallied them in the list.
  4. I list a screen name for each sponsor (even just first name) and the dollar amount.
  5. Then I just keep a running tally of the amounts.

How do the donations get to the charity?

After the event, send emails, with the charity donation page link, to ask that the sponsors honour their pledge amount. Your blog should have a place that highlights your charity with a link to their website and possibly their donation page as well (even if it is just a post). I have nothing to do with any of the money you raise. It is up to you and only you to ask your sponsors to donate and it is only up to your sponsors to honour their financial commitment.

What happens if I cannot finish blogging for 24 hours?

It is okay. Based on my past experiences, not everyone who signs up makes it for the full event. I suggest contacting your sponsors if you do not finish and see how they are going to handle their donation, i.e. the full amount anyway or only based on the number of hours you actually participated.

How do I survive blog-o-rama?

Some ideas on how to stay awake and keep blogging for all the awesome charities we all are blogging for. In no particular order:

  1. Stay hydrated; water and juice = best options.
  2. Make sure to walk around periodically (even outside).
  3. Read through the blogs of your fellow blog-o-ramans.
  4. Take a shower (again if need be).
  5. Avoid too much sugar or caffeine, as to avoid crashes.
  6. If you get sleepy set an alarm for your next post just in case you doze.
  7. Eat healthier foods, to avoid stomach issues.
  8. Listen to music.
  9. Watch TV/movies, but maybe not on the couch when it is late/early morning.

[All these ideas are based on past blog-o-rama experiences; many came about from what I did wrong. I made it through each year since 2005, so this list has been tested.]

How many posts will I have at the end of blog-o-rama?

Despite this being a 24 hour blogging event, blogging every half hour, one would naturally assume there will be 48 posts. In fact there will be 49 posts because you will be posting your last post after 09:00 EDT the next day.

Please note the World Clock link in the sidebar to find the time to start blogging if you are unsure. I live in the Eastern Time Zone, so I set the event to start where I live at 9 am.

Who are you and what are you getting out of all of this?

My name is Jess. I founded blog-o-rama and am a University graduate student; more info on the Founder page. I am not getting any financial compensation of any kind for all of my efforts on this website or any of the other sites that I host for this event (see sidebar). I do this because I want to and feel it is necessary to give back by helping others.

If you still have a question about the event or even anything to do with blogging, feel free to comment on a post or email me at:  the.blogorama at gmail dot com


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